Rookies International

Under supervision by the National Motorsport Union, we gladly present an introduction and schooling project to give children the chance to experience riding a motorcycle and discover the motorsport, as well as a chance to develop and grow into a pilot if the sport aspects appeal.



By making use of locations where electric bikes can be ridden safely, we make motor riding accessible and bring the attention to it that it deserves. We work together with regional partners on the dates mentioned below. Register your son or daughter, even if they have never ridden a motorcycle. We provide everything to turn the event into a safe, sporty and amazing experience. The motorbikes, fitting clothing and helmets can be rented on site. Full is full, so registering beforehand is mandatory. Don’t wait too long to ensure both parents and kids can join a fun sporting event.

There is a coach or teacher provided for all participants. Pocketbike riders that have all materials themselves are also welcome to join these dates on this circuit. Registering beforehand is mandatory. There is professional coaching available for self-sufficient riders.

  • Participation allowed from 7 years old
  • If you rent all material, make sure to bring a thin thermos suit that can be worn under the leather race suit
  • When using your own bike, a maximum sound limit is set at 95 dB!
  • Motorbikes need to be technically safe and in order
  • Suitable riding outfit is mandatory (leather suit, integral helmet, leather gloves and appropriate footwear)


When registering, multiple dates can be selected

Group division
We plan all riders in groups based on level. Our starting point for the grouping is as follows:

Group P.1: first time riders and beginners
Group P.2: riders with (some) pocketbike experience
Group P.3: own bikes and fast group

If during the session it becomes clear that a rider does not fit in that group level, that rider will be moved to a different group. Never switch groups without discussing with the group supervisors and trainers!

Goal Rookies International sportdays
We do our best to allow participants to enjoy motorsport in a safe and sportive way. We introduce you to the fun and challenge of sportive motor riding and learning to race. With a practice start at the end of the training day (last session), you can experience the same excitement as those MotoGP pilots when standing in front of the red lights on the starting grid. The trainers and instructors are educated and experienced in instructing both kids and parents in a (child)friendly manner. We guard and uphold that process. We appreciate any feedback on that subject matter. This way, the Rookies International sport days become a beautiful memory for all participants and for some possibly the step up to a long term race career, possible within the national academy and beyond.

Day organisation

The organisation …. works together with the Dutch organisation RACE-KIDS Motorsport Rookies in order to facilitate the sport days.