BLEND project

The meaning of the word BLEND = merging of ….
The scope of the BLEND project = Merging best riders to become the best in time!

In the BLEND project RACE-KIDS reflects her ambition to establish a joint (ad)venture with ADAC Westfalen, the Belgian Motorcycle Academy and the KNMV Road Race-Academy to establish a training program for a blended group of young riders in the age of 9 to 14 years.
The project goal is to create a sports program and sports environment in which riders can be discovered, selected for participation in the BLEND program and get the chance to develop towards a professional career in the Dorna MotoGP competition. We hope this initial project will expand in 5 years to more (north-) European countries and bring hundreds of young riders to train together in a certain region. Prepare them for several Dorna competitions in Europe. Become the MotoGP riders of the future.

The focus is on riders who are between 9 and 14 years of age and demonstrate sufficient basic skills to participate in the BLEND program. During the BLEND process there will be various test moments to determine whether the rider can still participate in the program. Only those riders can stay and participate that show development and motivation to become best in competition. The follow-up program is towards 17″ ‘big wheels/big circuits’.

Thanks to passionate and sporty partners, this project can start-up. With clear goals, contributing to measurable results and desired performances we can establish and grow in the future. We will need various partners, but once the start has been made, communication of interim results and experiences will contribute to the growth of the project, resulting in more partners, staff and riders.

Contact for more info!
Ambition was the initial step. Forming the initial partners to start the BLEND project was the second step and starting to execute and perform in the project in 2024 will be step three. Please share your ambitions with us. We appreciate your suggestions and contribution in this project. Get more BLEND project information via the regional contact persons:

Belgium BMA contact person: mr. Heikki Sermon (Native Dutch and French speaking)
The Netherlands RACE-KIDS contact person: mr. Henk Schotman (Native Dutch speaking and English and German speaking)
Germany ADAC Westfalen contact person: mr. Max Kumpf und mrs. Lena Schützner (both Native German speaking)

From other countries your first contact is Henk Schotman (BLEND project initiator).
Please use the English language in contacting Henk
Phone : +31(0)647.250.810 (also his WhatsApp number)